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Oct 10, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. piloting this load of puppies to lakeland, florida, they have the puppies. >> just like a baby in the car. >> reporter: less than two hours in the air, and the dogs are back on the ground. a last-minute flight that jeff says was the only option. >> you're going to get a home quick. >> all of these dogs would have been put down if we had not taken them out. >> reporter: and so you rescued? >> with today's transport, over 1900. >> reporter: with today's co-pilot, it is a dog, but sometimes, the mission grows. >> i have done the pigs, the falcons, the rabbits, snakes, turtles. >> reporter: so you're all species airways? >> that is it, if it sits, if it flies, that is it. pilots and paws is an organization that wants to go out of business. the problem is, tomorrow, they know they will be needed again >> no problem. >> a happy ending. >> the happy ending and the new beginning. >> here we go. >> this is day one of a new life. >> reporter: a doggy underground in our nation's airways, kerry sanders, lakeland, florida. >> that is our broadcast tonight. thank you for joining us, i'm brian williams,
Oct 23, 2012 4:00pm PDT
traveling aboard cnn's election express. this evening in lakeland, florida, a city that sits literally in the heart of the i-4 corridor, known for swing voters. it's not just a swing state, john. it's the swing voters in that swing state. what are they telling you? >> reporter: listen, we've been talking today. it's fascinating. one said last night's debate did help make up her mind. for folks for president obama, a since of frustration, a former supporter said it's his responsibility to get things done. he's the president. definite matter how difficult congress is. another person who is going to be voting for president obama instead of mitt romney says we need a president, not a boss. saying he might not get it done. as you know, erin, it's florida, florida, florida. bush won by 537 votes in 2000. 29 electoral votes total, the biggest prize in the swing state this season. >> and why lakeland? what makes that area so important and such a toss-up? >> reporter: sure. you know, it's the i-4 corridor, the swing part of the sunshine state is the center of the state. stretching from tampa ba
Oct 24, 2012 4:00am PDT
, lakeland and winter park, florida, making three stops there. paul ryan will be in cleveland, ohio. meantime a 20-page booklet outlining what he says is his plan for the next four years, 3.5 million copies. the president said at this event in ohio with vice president biden yesterday that the math in his plan adds up. he's got eight different states he's hitting in the next three days. he'll be today in iowa, colorado, california for a quick stop to take the leno show and nevada. vice president biden staying in ohio for more campaigning there. >> tracie potts for us in washington. thank you. >>> elsewhere, the white house and the state department were advised that an islamic militant group was behind the benghazi attack just two hours after that assault began. this information is according to a report by the reuters news agency. they managed to obtain e-mails that described the attack as it was still underway. the white house and the state department have not commented yet on those e-mails. >>> and now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. we're going to begi
Oct 23, 2012 8:00am PDT
. lakeland, florida, orlando, jacksonville, up through georgia and south carolina, then another battleground state though some think it's not a battleground in north carolina, that it's swinging toward romney but we'll be there. virginia where they are more interested in government spending than a lot of other places because so much of virginia, particularly northern virginia's prosperity comes from government activity. then heading to ohio where we'll finish the trip up. florida's where we're at now. 19 million peopling almost 5 million of the people over the age of 60. that makes medicare and retirement and these markets a big deal. look what's happening to the markets today. and it has 29 leaker tole college vote. that's the important part. the state's in a dead heat. in the year 2000 florida vote ford george w. bush. in 2008 -- we can discuss 2000, that's up for debate for some people -- but that's where the electoral college votes went. 2008 it went for barack obama. there are a lot of concerns in florida and last night's debate spanned those concerns. so that's what we're looking at he
Oct 23, 2012 11:00am PDT
key swing states, talking to voters. he's in lakeland, florida, now. you've been warning of a sell-off here for months, but a drop in profits of 98% for dupont? they already announced all these layoffs. >> a big one. >> this makes matters worse, 14 days before the election. what's going on? >> yeah, drop in dupont stock now for those people who hold it in their accounts, if you have an 401(k) or i.r.a. well diversified you probably own dupont. it is off 9%. i have to say, it is unusual for me to be happy that the dow is only off about 210, 215 points now, it was down more than 250 earlier today. they announced layoffs of 1500 people. they're selling less stuff around the world including automotive paint. dupont is one of the biggest makers of automotive paint. why would you sell less? they're expecting fewer cars to be sold. this is one more indicator of a slowing global economy. we have this two-sided recovery going on. you've got american consumers who are feeling as you and i talked not so bad about this economy, but you got your quarterly report card from wall street, earnings
Oct 24, 2012 6:00am PDT
velshi is in lakeland, florida, where the tigers have spring training. tiger town is there. have you visited yet? >> reporter: i haven't, actually. i've seen it, but haven't gone. i'm busy talking to voters, carol. >> oh, right. >> reporter: this place, polk county, is split, same number of democrats and republicans registered. same number of undecideds. this is sort of the story in florida. 29 electoral votes. i'm asking people who i can find who have not decided why they haven't decided yet. they're not apathetic, they're not unattached, they are just trying to get some answers. listen to two people i spoke to. >> i'm basically looking for something that is motivated towards me and the majority of the people that i see. because i'm not up at the white house. i don't see rich people all of the time. but i see a lot of poor people. as far as romney, i'm not sure. i'm looking for more. i mean, we're talking about another four years. so four years, can i go through another four years of this, can i go through another four years of that? it's really critical right now. for -- to make th
Oct 24, 2012 9:00am PDT
. >> we are in lakeland, florida. it's on the i-4 corridor between the west coast and east coast of florida. this is a particularly undecided batch of land. it's relatively evenly split, registered and in terms of their intent to vote. >> absolutely right. the i-4 corridor is the key swing district of florida. appropriately enough in the center of the state. it's from tampa bay over to orlando. right here in polk county in lakeland, florida, and this is where the election gets decided. >> this is where the ground game occurs. as you said, it's evenly split, and the folks we talked to, they are open to being persuaded. they are not informed undecided voters. they're -- >> they've been watching. it's a small slice of people left that are undecided, but they want answer that is they're want getting from the ads. they want answers that they didn't get from the debates. whoever they believe, they understand that they want different things, and they foresee different things. they want to know how they could achieve the goals that they set out. >> that's exactly right. this is not about
Oct 24, 2012 11:00am PDT
, virginia and ohio. today's stop, lakeland, florida. >> fred, we're in lakeland, florida. in the middle of the state. tampa is to our west, orlando is to our east. we're moving toward orlando and then jacksonville to florida has highly specific issues in this campaign. number one, ground zero for the housing issue. a lot of houses underwater, higher unemployment rate than the national average, higher population of senior citizens than the national average and this key hispanic vote that is not -- it doesn't go one way. >> it doesn't. it is very important. the hispanic population, particularly in florida, is not a monolith. you have cuban population out of miami, traditionally very republican, going over the bay of pigs and castro, very independently republican. now two-thirds is now cuban, they're from puerto rico, the dominican republic, central and latin america, and those folks are much more amenable to a democratic message as they are nationally the hispanic vote. you are a real split. it comes down to the i-4 corridor, not traditionally cuban, yes in tampa, not orlando. that's what
Oct 17, 2012 7:00am EDT
checks in the "washington post" this morning. undecided voters. jim and lakeland, fla.. good morning to you. why argue undecided? what is your thought on both sides? caller: good morning. i am from fort myers, florida. it says lakeland's. . caller: i am also a fact checker. i hear so many people talk on your show about facts, they have no idea what is going on. before president obama was president of the added states come he was an attorney and then a senator. he knows about the laws. on his campaign trail and on both of these things on tv last night -- he starts off by telling the american people that he stopped the war in iraq and stopping the war in afghanistan. he paid for that money by borrowing $3 trillion from china to pay for it. and when he stopped the surplus, let us say i do not know the numbers are, the $1 trillion and put it back in the economy. any person, and the taxpayer in the united states that has ever bought a house or a car on money borrowed from the bank, and let us say they sell it one year later, and it paid $20,000 for the car, and $16,000 is left, you cannot
Oct 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
's get a call from there -- in from jay in lakeland, florida. florida, that important state in this election. he's an independent there. go ahead. >> yes, hi. thank you for having me. i'm amazed that -- i became an independent before i realized that rush limbaugh had such a negative feel being independents. how much i am amazed that -- feeling about independents. how much, i am amazed -- however, i'm amazed that liberties -- liberals are so against the progressive policies of the bush era and but now president obama and biden have opened the stick et on the very same issues and they're increasing spending, not ending wars, not helping the economy, not helping jobs and so i'm going to vote for romney and ryan. and that's what i have to say. thank you much. >> thanks very much. how does florida look overall? >> rl well, florida we know has been a critical state the last couple of elections. also this time, i mean, if you look at the three states that are likely to be most important, i think you'd say it would be florida, ohio and virginia. and you can really tell in those stat
Oct 29, 2012 9:00am PDT
romney in wisconsin and congressman ryan in melbourne, and lakeland, florida. we are also cancelling all events currently scheduled for both governor romney and congressman ryan on tuesday. governor romney believes this is a time for the nation and its leaders to come together to focus on those americans who are in harm's way. we will provide additional details regarding their schedules when they are available. so at this point right now, suzanne, the state of the campaign, president obama was supposed to hold a rally this morning in florida. he did not attend. he came back to washington. governor romney is participating in some campaign events as we speak, but this evening he will not be -- will he cancel his events later this evening. there will be no events tomorrow, suzanne, so, yes, eight days before the election, this sandy has thrown a big wrench to the campaign. >> is there any sense from the obama campaign that this really allows the president to do something that mitt romney can't do, which is look presidential to have a real test of his leadership at a time that is critical to
Oct 9, 2012 7:00am EDT
also gave a copy to senator mccain when he came into lakeland. i told him to give it to mr. romney, that it would help him. and newt gingrich resigned within a month and a half. i also made the statement and the commissioners in the county never stopped me. i put it so everyone can see it. it will be there forever. host: banks are weighing into the campaign. here are some comments on facebook -- you can share your opinion on facebook by looking for c-span. we have a poll on whether political spouses affect your votes. you can see the results of that. the majority of people are saying no. forest is up next from st. paul, minnesota, republican line. caller: hi, i just wanted to comment on the subject. i think the fact that mitt out there andis with the disease she has, it's tremendous. she's going through pain and difficulty and doing her best. i don't think it should affect people's vote, but it shows her spirit. i know she is the main factor that he got back in this race. from what i have heard, she pushed him to get back into this race and told him it's time for him to run again a
Oct 14, 2012 7:00am EDT
, we had grown up with nuclear weapons over our head since the day i was born. i was in the lakeland school district in new york. guest: keep going. i was trying to get into the picture. the eighth grade. caller: i remember it well. classes were not functional. we listened to the play-by-play. the point i was leading to a is this. president kennedy, although he was a new president, had seen the ugly face of war. he had seen the price of war and the cost of victory. i remember is joint chiefs of staff, including civilian and military, were saying go, go. he pushed back and said, wait a minute. this could get ugly. fortunately, it played out through diplomatic back channels so we were not incinerated. i remember the gulf of tonkin. i remember 9/11. i remember 9/11 went from a justified hit on afghanistan for osama bin laden to iraq. my fear is this. mitt romney has no experience as a political leader on the world stage. he has most of the neocons advising him there with george bush. this iran thing with their nuclear weapons and israel. come to a head. would he have the maturity to pus
Oct 19, 2012 7:00am EDT
and became teammates at lakeland high school where marquis and mike's parents watched the teens from the stands. >> he knew that they were going to block for him and he was going to, you know, make a touchdown. >> they had a great chemistry together. they had the same love for the game and passion. >> reporter: chris began to spend more and more time with the pounceys. >> i felt comfortable with them. they was just nice to me. it was just different from my family. so i started staying with them on weekends. >> reporter: those weekends turned to weeks. >> i went and told my mom. he's got to move in with us. our star running back, a guy we're so close to. i knew all the things that went on throughout his life and the troubles that he had. >> we knew he needed stability. we do co-see, that and he wanted the support and the love and we felt like we could offer it, and he seemed happen we he was over here so we just included him. >> it was an easy decision for us. >> when you moved in with them, how soon did you start to feel like this is my home? >> very soon. it happened fast, too. i th
Oct 23, 2012 1:00pm PDT
velshi is in lakeland, florida, with the cnn election express. taking a round the country tour, ali. do voters in florida realize how much their vote could matter? >> reporter: yeah, kate. we've actually spoken to a number of them over the course of the last couple of days. they really do get it. 29 electoral college votes, like you said. 19 million people in florida. 4.2 million people are over the age of 60. so that's the largest over 60 population in the united states. they have particular concerns, not only about medicare and health care, about social security, but about investments. how the markets are doing and how they will do. they are skewing a little bit toward mitt romney, the younger voters in this state skewing towards barack obama. what do you do when the race is this tight? you do two things. one is you concentrate on your ground operation. who can you get out? believe it or not, i've run into a few people who are not counting on voting. that's kind of interesting. if you are inclined to vote but you're not 100% sure, the obama campaign is working really hard to make sure
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)